Pauline Peskoff, founder of Pauline Peskoff JewelryAbout Pauline:

Hi! I am Pauline, founder of Pauline Peskoff Jewelry. I am an award-winning designer, teacher, entrepreneur and a mother of two, passionate about expressing feminine energy through style and adornment.

Everything I design is for like-minded women who are feminine and strong and aren’t afraid to let their inner light shine.

Years of formal education in Science, Education and Art as well as some soul-searching, allowed me to funnel my creative and entrepreneurial skills into starting my own jewelry brand. 

I am proud to create jewelry that is nothing like what you see in the majority of retailers and to pass this skill on through jewelry-making workshops.

Professional accomplishments:

The jewelry

I create meticulously hand-stitched jewelry using the intricate techniques of bead-weaving and bead-embroidery.

The tiniest glass and crystal beads in existence are carefully woven together with needle and thread resulting in extremely detailed and refined patterns and shapes. 


Download the Lantern tutorial here (Advanced).

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